Scales for Medical Marijuana

Tired of trying to buy a weed scale at walmart? Can't find one that is accurate a reliable? Here is a full list of all the top scales specifically designed for weighing marijuana.

The most popular digital scale on the market. Comes with a retractable flip open display that pops out from the side and a protective cover that can also be used as an expansion tray to weigh more easily. This scale also weighs down to .1 grams and up to 1000 grams so it can weigh multiple pounds with ease.

A great digital scale that weighs down to .1 grams so it is very very accurate. It also tops out at 1000 grams so you can weigh multiple pounds with easy. This scale look exactly like a CD. Exact same size and shape except when you flip open the lid it reveals a weighing surface instead of a CD. This is one of our most stealthy weed scales.

This scale makes weighing large amounts of small items very easy because it comes with a large bowl that can be placed on top of the platform. Another great feature of the scale is the flip top lid that will protect the weighing surface when not in use.

This is a fantastic milligram scale. This milligram scale is where quality meets value. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive but extremely reliable. It comes with an attached flip top lid to help protect the weight surface from getting damaged. It comes with a nice case and a built in calibration weight that can be removed when you need to use it. Very neat feature! You never have to go around search for a calibration weight to make sure the scale is weighing accurately. This powder scale weighs in down to .001 grams and up to 20 grams so it has a very wide range.

The SC digital pocket scale is a very unique pocket scale simply for the fact that it features a massive 4x4 inch weighing surface which is the largest weighing surface in its class. Couple that with the fact that it weighs up to 2000 grams this is one of the best pocket scales to buy.

This is a nice micro pocket scale. Very tiny so it fits anywhere but it also features a protective cover that can also be used as an expansion tray so you can weigh bulkier items as well. Weighs down to .1 grams and up to 600 grams.

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