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Don't waste money on a weed scale until you read this.

We tested a total of 117 different weeds scales over the course of 73 hours to find the best marijuana scale. We considered three factors; weighing surface size, portability, and stealth. We interviewed dispensary owners, budtenders, and even *gasp* blackmarket dealers. After all that testing we chose the "LB Pro Bowl 3000" as our top pick for best marijuana scale. The large weighing surface allows you to quickily weigh marijuana - while the precise accuracy lets you know the weight is accurate down to 0.1 grams.
LB Pro Bowl
Our Pick For Best Marijuana Scale in 2018
Large weighing surface with removable bowl and flip top lid makes this one of the best scales on the market.
Our pick
We chose the Pro Bowl for a number of reasons - in the end it was because it had the following;

-Most consistent, accurate measurements.
-Removable bowl - weigh large amounts quickly.
-Flip top cover - portable and stealthy.

The problem we found with scales at amazon, ebay, walmart, etc is because they aren't designed for marijuana, and weigh by the ounce, they don't give you the accuracy needed to weigh grams or even 8ths - this makes them useless for our needs.

The Pro bowl was designed with marijuana in mind and has an accuracy of 1/10th (0.1g) of a gram. You can accurately weigh a half gram one second and four ounces the next - never mess with buds falling off a tiny surface again.

-0.1g accuracy; 3000 gram max weight.
-Runs off batteries or wall plug.
-Large weighing surface, with or without bowl.

Alpine Pro
Our Number Two Pick For Best Marijuana Scale in 2018
Highest quality pocket scale with flip top protective expansion cover.
For those looking for a slightly smaller pocket style scale the AC Alpine Pro 500 is a great choose. Around the size of a new iphone it is smaller than the LB Pro Bowl but the 500 gram capacity packs a punch. It comes with a removable fliptop protectice cover that can be used as an expansion tray.

Why should we trust you?

I'm Keith and I operate one of the largest headshops in California. The #1 question customers ask me isn't about smoking products, the question is "What is the best scale to weigh my bud?" For years I pointed to our bin of cheap pocket scales I purchased online. That changed when I discovered I was selling a low quality and inaccurate product. The problem with an inaccurate scale is it costs you money every time you use it. When I realized this, I knew something had to be done.
Over 4 weeks I logged 73 hours ordering and testing every digital scale I got my hands on. I was very surprised at where the search led me and I learned the number 1 thing headshops don't want you to know. The dirty little secret of the booming marijuana market, if you will. My goal was to find the five best digital weed scales to offer at my shop. I tested a total of 117 different scales and finally narrowed it down to the best five options. I am proud to offer these scales at my headshop and I will detail them on this page as well as provide recommendations on where you can get them. But first I 'll reveal the dirty secret most people in this new industry don't want you to know.
There is a huge "gap" in the marijuana accessories market right now. Most of the digital scales marketed as "pocket scales for marijuana" were never intended to be used with marijuana. When you purchase many of those digital pocket scales you see at headshops, gas stations, and ecommerce sites you are getting a product never designed to be used with marijuana. The inaccuracy of these scales will cost you money with every use.
For many years if you wanted an accurate scale to weigh weed it required upwards of $600 for a professional jewelers scale. Fortunately, a new company arrived on the scene to fill the gap of digital scales tested specifically for marijuana. The company is Herb Scales based in Portland, Maine one of the frontiers of the budding legal marijuana movement. To be clear, this company is not paying me to post this. I found them through my search for inventory at the headshop I run.
After all the positive feedback from customers that were estatic to have a product that saved them money, I decided I wanted to share it with more people. As i began to develop a personal relationship with the team at Herb Scales I came up with the idea to review the best scales and post it for everyone online.
My ultimate goal is help out the marijuana community, a community that I have held close to my heart for a long time so I'm proud to present my picks for the best scales available.
Why we picked the LB Pro Bowl
The LB Pro Bowl is what the majority of our customers looking for a digital marijuana scale choose. The large weighing surface, removable bowl, and the extreme precision all packed into one portable sleek scale is why this is our most popular product. Extreme Accuracy with high capacity First of all it is extremely accurate with a precise of 0.1 grams. What this means is the scale will be accurate down to 1/10th of one gram. This will allow you to easy weigh out grams and 8ths while still being sure you aren't getting shorted. However, the best thing about this scale is its large capacity that allows you to weigh over 6lbs at a time. This saves those who sometimes weigh larger quantities of marijuana, you can weigh an ounce of marijuana in seconds.
The scale comes in a clamshell case with a flip top lid. This allows you to be able to store your scale or take it with you without worrying about it getting damaged. To use the scale all you have to do is flip open the lid and you have access to a scale surface the size of a CD disc. In addition, it comes with a removable 2L bowl that can be placed on the scale surface allowing you to weigh easier and quicker.
The quality construction of the scale is apparent right away. It comes with a large easy to read digital LCD display as well as multiple different weighing modes (grams, ounces, pounds, grain, and more). The scale is powered by 4 AAA batteries (included) as well as an optional AC power cord if you want to be able to plug it in and never worry about changing batteries. Flaws but dealbreaks Some of the problems that we have seen
Most scales suck for weighing marijuana because they aren't accurate enough. Many of the "pocket scales" you see simply don't work for weighing medical marijuana.

In this article we explain

  • 1. Why Must Scales Suck For Weighing Marijuana.
  • 2. How Using Any Scale Other Than a Quality Marijuana Scale Is a Waste of Money.
  • 3. Where To Find The Right Scales and How To Get One For Free.
Impatient? Here's The Editor's Pick For Best Marijuana Scale In 2018.
We learned most scales SUCK for weighing marijuana, They aren't precise or accurate enough.

You'll be amazed at what we discovered. We certainly were. Lost time & wasted money led us on the journey to find the best scales specifically designed for Legal Marijuana in 2018.
This is a nice micro pocket scale. Very tiny so it fits anywhere but it also features a protective cover that can also be used as an expansion tray so you can weigh bulkier items as well. Weighs down to .1 grams and up to 600 grams.
A great digital scale that weighs down to .1 grams so it is very very accurate. It also tops out at 1000 grams so you can weigh multiple pounds with easy. This scale look exactly like a CD. Exact same size and shape except when you flip open the lid it reveals a weighing surface instead of a CD. This is one of our most stealthy weed scales. The most popular digital scale on the market. Comes with a retractable flip open display that pops out from the side and a protective cover that can also be used as an expansion tray to weigh more easily. This scale also weighs down to .1 grams and up to 1000 grams so it can weigh multiple pounds with ease. This scale makes weighing large amounts of small items very easy because it comes with a large bowl that can be placed on top of the platform. Another great feature of the scale is the flip top lid that will protect the weighing surface when not in use

Official Weed Scale Buyers Guide

Do you need to buy a scale to weigh medical marijuana or other herbs? No problem. We got you covered. Let us show you the top rated digital scales designed for weighing herbs and medical marijuana.

Not just any digital scale will work.

As you might have found out by now, not any digital scale will work to weigh medical marijuana properly. Marijuana is very expensive and because of that you need a scale that is accurate down to 1/10th of a gram so you can be certain you aren't getting shorted or giving away too much. Unfortunately you cannot just pick up a weed scale that weighs to 1/10th of a gram at the local store. You will actually find you can't even find a weed scale at walmart.

We understand how hard it is to find a weed scale.

That is why we created this website. As medical marijuana patients ourselves we always struggled to find a digital weed scale that was high quality, accurate, easy to purchase, and all at an affordable price.

What we have done is put together a list of the best types of weed scales available for weighing medical marijuana. We will show you the best pocket weed scales, large scales, stealth weed scales, powder scales, and more.

Every weed scale we recommend has to meet 3 specific standards.

Types of Weed Scales

There are 3 major types of weed scales that exist. The list goes weed pocket scales, stealth scales, and large platform scales. Below I will describe each type of weed scale, what the benefits and disadvantages of each are and where to purchase them.

Pocket Scales

These are the most popular weed scales to buy if you want to weigh out your medical marijuana for personal use. They are small, compact, and easy to use. Generally pocket marijuana scales come with a protective lid so they are easy to transport and no damage is done to the pressure sensors. Most pocket scales also come with an expansion tray. The scale surface on a pocket scale designed for weighing weed is usually about 3 w by 3 inches. This is usually good for only weighing about 1 to 3 grams of marijuana at a time. So why do many of them weigh up to 500 grams and more? That is where an expansion tray comes in.

As mentioned earlier most pocket scales come with an expansion tray. This is designed to fit over the weighing surface to allow you to weigh more weed in a quicker time frame. All you have to do is place the expansion tray over the weighing surface and press the tare button. The tare button will "zero out" the weed scale (which basically means it won't add in the weight of the tray) so you can then add on your marijuana and get an accurate measurement in a shorter amount of time.

Now even with an expansion tray you can generally only weigh about 5 to 15 grams of marijuana at a time. This is the biggest downfall of a pocket scale. It can take a long time just to weigh a few ounces. However, you don't buy a pocket scale if you want to weigh large amounts. If you want to weigh ounces of cannabis you can certainly do it but it will take a little bit of time. If you are weighing amounts over 14 grams on a consistent basis (or you just hate wasting time) I always recommend you look into a large platform scale.

To Summarize

Benefits of Pocket Scales

Negatives of Pocket Scales

All in all pocket weed scales can be a great choice for many medical marijuana patients. Many of the negatives of pocket scales aren't really negatives if you are using a pocket scale for what it is designed for. They are really only disadvantages if you are trying to use a pocket scale as a large platform scale. It is sort of like owning a laptop and complaining that it is "too small and portable" and you wish it was more like a desktop.

Platform Scales

Large platform scales are great because they make weighing any amount of marijuana a quick, painless, and easy task. They generally have a scale platform of around 6 inches by 6 inches which is double the size of a standard pocket scale. Most platform scales are not very portable because they do not have a protective cover so it can be easy to damage the delicate weight sensors. However, some large platform scales do come with protective lids like the LB Series weed scale. This makes the LB scale one of the best portable large platform scales.

Tired of getting shorted? Not sure you are getting what you paid for? The only way to be certain you are getting what you paid for is with a digital weed scale.

Welcome to your source for legal digital weed scales online. We review the finest selection of digital weeed scales on the Internet. This website provides knowledge to consumers about legally buying weeed scales. Using digital weeed scales to weigh marijuana is legal for medical purposes in most countries and states. Please check your local laws if you intend to use them as a marijuana scale. Learn how to weigh marijuana with accuracy unlike a weed scale app. Digital scales used for weighing marijuana have become sleek, colorful and stylish.

Now a days you can buy a state of the art pocket marijuana scale that is disgused is another object. You can buy digital marijuana weighing scales to sit on any counter top or desk. Digital gram marijuana scales are fined tuned for precision weighing. The graduations go as fine as a 1/10 and 1/100 of a gram and up to 500 grams or more. Digital scales have clear read outs to make it easy to see what's going on. Brand name digital marijuana scales for sale online at wholesale prices. Traditional non-digital scales at affordable prices. Buying weed scales on the web is fast, discrete and 100% legal in many areas. It's a wonderful gift to supply a digital marijuana scale to a friend or relative for any weighing application. Check out the following special deals. Use the quick search box to find specific items. Cruise the directory to explore the domain.

In today's world trust does not come easy. When you factor in high end value items like medical marijuana (especially from "Street dealers") trust is even thinner. So how do you know you are getting what you paid for? When you go to the grocery store to buy a steak do they just estimate how much the steak costs and weighs? No, they weigh it with a precise digital scale. So why is marijuana any different? It is your responsibility as a consumer to make sure you are getting what you paid for. This is why everyone needs to own a digital weed scale. Digital pot scales are not just for dealers anymore. Marijuana is very expensive in todays market and the best way to make sure you are getting what you paid for is by verifying the weight. The only way you can do that is with a quality marijuana scale. but not any digital pot scale is going to work. Many digital cannabis scales only weigh in increments of 1 ounce and for our purposes that is very useless. What you need is something that weighs in increments of 1/10ths of a gram. As many people might have found out it can be very hard to find a scale like that in a store. We recommend you order one online.