Digital Weed Pocket Scales

Need a weed scale that can fit almost anywhere? Check out one of our mini weed scales that we offer.

This is the worldest smallest digital scale! It is literally the size of a matchbox! but boy does it pack a punch! It weighs up to 650 grams and down to .1 grams so it is very accurate. Although the weighing surface is small it can perfectly fit a cup as an expansion tray to weigh ounces of anything you need to. View Product

This is a great scale for those that need something they can just pack away and not worry about becoming inaccurate because there is no electronics in it. Great for leaving in your car, even in freezing cold weather.View Product

This is a fantastic digital scale with a very small profile. Weighs up to 600 grams and down to .1 grams. Easy to use and works great for weighing anything you need to. View Product