Digital Weed Stealth Scales

Looking for a weed scale but want something a little bit on the stealth side? Check out our stealth weed scale collection and you will not be let down.

A great digital scale that weighs down to .1 grams so it is very very accurate. It also tops out at 1000 grams so you can weigh multiple pounds with easy. This scale look exactly like a CD. Exact same size and shape except when you flip open the lid it reveals a weighing surface instead of a CD. This is one of our most stealthy weed scales. View Product

This is a very stealthy weed scale. It is designed to look exactly like a pack of cigarettes. All you need to do is flip the LCD display over and slid off the lid and you have an easy to use weed scale in a matter of seconds. It also weighs down to .1 grams so you can be sure its accurate. View Product

This is one of our most unique digital scales because not only is it very stealthy and a functional weed scale it also works as a mouse for your computer. Simply plug it in and presto! A mouse! It has internal rechargeable batteries that are charged up when its plugged in so you can take it with you where ever you want! View Product

This is one of our smallest digital stealth scales. It is designed to look just like a razr cellphone and work as a easy to use digital scale. Just flip the top to reveal the weighing surface and you are ready to go. View Product